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Ready to build your dream home on your land that you love?
We can make that dream come to life!


Own your own land and ready to start building?  We would love to partner together in building one of our award-winning floor plans on your own lot!  Building your dream home is an incredible experience and we can’t wait to bring your unique vision to life.

Once you own the land, it’s time to get started!  We will walk you through choosing which floor plan is best suited for you and then customize from there.  Raw land can be hard to visualize, especially if existing structures need removed.  We’ll work together, taking you step by step through the entire process. Our goal is to work together offering a truly unique, memorable and enjoyable home building experience.
Build our model homes, our quality, our brand on your own lot.

*Price Excludes Lot Costs

Where do we build on individual lots?

Butler County

Cranberry Twp.
Evans City

Allegheny County

Bradford Woods
Franklin Park
Bell Acres
Fox Chapel
Allison Park
Squirrel Hill
Mt. Lebanon
South Fayette
Collier Township

Washington County

North Strabane




Have a few questions about how building on your own lot works?  We thought you might!

Can you build anywhere?
We have a set of approved locations in which we will build on your own lot. Generally we try and build within close proximity to the communities that we are already building within. If you own land within our approved locations – we would love an opportunity to discuss further!

Does it cost more to build on your own lot, than in one of your communities?
The cost to build a home within our communities or on your own lot is the same, where the differences lie are with variable site development costs. Examples of these additional costs would be tree clearing, long utility runs, additional lot grading, long driveways, large landscaped yards, additional permitting fees, storm water management, demolition of structures on site.

How long does it take to build on your own lot?
From the time you sign a sales agreement to moving into your new home – the total time is anywhere from 12 – 18 months. This timeframe includes finalizing plan designs, financing, permitting, etc.  This is a little longer than the construction time within our developed communities, because of variable and additional site development.

Can we bring our own vendors and subs?
We run our offsite builds, the same as we do within our communities. You will work with a Project Manager who will build your home from start to finish. In order to keep efficiencies and continuity, we utilize the same vendors and subcontractors. Rest assured, we work with the best of the best in the industry!

Can we bring our own blue prints/floor plan?
We will start with one of our award winning floor plans and customize from there. To help our customers visualize their new home and various options/upgrades, we have our decorated models as resources. We find our customers use this as a valuable asset when building their new home.

Do we have to go to all the different vendor showrooms to pick our selections?
We have developed a seamless and painless selection process! You will be paired with a Selections Coordinator who will work with you throughout the entire building process. We have a designated Inspirations Design Gallery where you can see most all of the selections you will need to make. If you would like to visit one of our vendors to choose from a wider array of selections, you are more than welcome to do so!

Will you help me find land?
If you are searching for land, we recommend working with a realtor to help you through that process. Once you have identified land (within our approved locations), and have it under agreement – we can take it from there!

Model Homes

Tour one of our model homes

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    Starting at $817,000

    4 - 5 Bedrooms

    2 1/2 - 4 1/2 Baths

    3 Car Garage

    2,870 SqFt and above

    *Starting at $842,000
    Napa floorplan side garage

    4 - 7 Bedrooms

    2 1/2 - 6 Baths

    3 car garage

    3,080 SqFt and above

    *Starting at $862,000
    sedona modern side entry

    4 - 5 Bedrooms

    3 1/2 - 5 1/2 Baths

    3 Car Garage

    3,010 SqFt and above

    *Starting at $874,000
    Aspen luxury home – Infinity Custom Homes

    4 - 7 Bedrooms

    3 1/2 - 6 Baths

    3 - 4 car garage

    3,310 SqFt and above

    *Starting at $907,000
    Carolina floorplan, front

    4 - 5 Bedrooms

    3 1/2 - 6 1/2 Baths

    3 car garage

    3,320 SqFt and above

    *Starting at $942,000
    Colorado Floorplan - Infinity Custom Homes

    4 - 6 Bedrooms

    3 1/2 - 7 1/2 Baths

    3 - 4 car garage

    3,580 SqFt and above

    *Starting at $952,000

    4 - 5 Bedrooms

    3 1/2 - 6 1/2 Baths

    3 - 4 car garage

    3,950 SqFt and above

    *Starting at $962,000
    Cambridge Model, Laurel Pointe

    4 - 7 Bedrooms

    3 1/2 - 7 Baths

    3-4 car garage

    4,030 SqFt and above

    *Starting at $1,017,000
    luxury home for sale, pittsburgh, pa, tudor style

    4 - 6 Bedrooms

    3 1/2 - 6 1/2 Baths

    3 - 4 car garage

    4,515 SqFt and above

    *Starting at $1,022,000
    Austin Model – Forest Edge

    4 - 6 Bedrooms

    3 1/2 - 7 Baths

    3 - 4 car garage

    4,500 SqFt and above


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