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Alisa Dave

Selection Manager


Alisa is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. She grew up in an original Craftsman, built in 1910, now a historic landmark. She studied at California State, Hayward in early childhood development. Alisa relocated to the Pittsburgh area in 2004, she raised her three children, home schooling her two younger ones. She has a lengthy history of working in the customer service industry, including being a 911 police dispatcher. She has also been a volunteer for the American Red Cross Disaster Response Team. Alongside her love of helping people, she has always been heavily involved in home improvement projects and enjoys keeping up with current design ideas.


Prior to going to work with Infinity Custom Homes, Alisa built her own home with Infinity. She was so impressed with the process and the quality that went into her home that she wanted to become a part of the Infinity Custom Home team. She is passionate about bringing the best experience to each of her customers throughout the entire building process.




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