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Why New Construction Homes are Worth More

Why New Construction Homes are Worth More

Who doesn’t prefer brand new over used? Unless you’re a big fan of antiques, choosing new is the best way to ensure you’re buying something completely updated and backed by a guarantee. At Infinity Custom Homes, there are plenty of opportunities to buy brand new or select one of our exceptionally built homes already under construction. However, when it comes to deciding whether to buy a new home or a resale, you should understand why new construction homes are worth more.


Consider what has changed in the last few years


Is everything in your life the same as it was before the pandemic? The restrictions led to so many lifestyle changes. People left their workplaces behind and set up shop at home. This transition alone demanded a dedicated home office space with the privacy needed for productivity. It also meant more meals prepared and consumed at home, so the kitchen—already traffic central—became a bottleneck.


Another change since the early days of the pandemic is the addition of family members to the household. Whether for financial savings or safety, aging parents and adult children moving in created the need for more space—and not just another bedroom, but an additional living area required for another adult.


The real value of new construction homes


Why is a new home worth more than a resale? Consider these benefits that add real value.


#1. Everything is brand new, so you don’t have to worry about the cost of repairs or replacement in your future.

Forget worrying about how long the water heater will last or if the furnace will get you through the winters in Western Pennsylvania. You don’t have to look at the cost of replacing the old windows with more energy-efficient ones (about $450 to $600 per window for vinyl). From the roof to the foundation—and everywhere in between—your home is new construction. And you have a builder’s warranty to protect you!


#2. Energy efficiency is included.

A new home is, on average, 30% more energy efficient than a comparable resale built earlier. A home like the ones Infinity Custom Homes builds is even more energy efficient. Which adds up to significant savings over the course of your mortgage. Factor in the energy costs into the monthly mortgage and you might find that even if the new construction home costs more to purchase, the energy savings offset it enough to make you reconsider!


#3. Resale value benefits the new construction home.

The resale home you buy today will be that much older when it’s time to sell it. If you were buying a used car, would you prefer one that’s newer and has fewer miles than something from the previous decade? Newer homes generally command a higher resale value than a comparable home that’s a few years older. Buyers want homes with fewer “miles” on them and more current features.

The value of new home design


At Infinity Custom Homes, we are passionate about building superior quality custom homes that offer incredible value. We are committed to offering interesting architecture and an unparalleled customer experience. We take great pride in working with our buyers, turning their dreams into reality. With a custom home, our buyers can design every detail, adding to our floorplans, creating the home they really want.


What sets Infinity Custom Homes apart is our proven process. It gives us the unique ability to capture our buyers’ ideas and bring them to life efficiently and affordably. We combine our extensive building expertise with superior features and technology to give our homeowners a smart, beautiful, energy-efficient home that they will appreciate for years to come:


  • Energy Efficiency Certification with Third Party Verification and Testing
  • Lennox 95% Elite High Efficiency Gas Furnace
  • Lennox 15 SEER Air Conditioner
  • Lennox Humidifier
  • 75 Gallon Powervent Gas Hot Water Heater
  • Healthy Climate 10 Media Air Cleaner
  • Whole-House Continuous Exhaust Fans
  • R21 Insulation in Walls; R38 Insulation in Ceiling
  • Insulated Garages & Steel Garage Doors
  • Andersen 100 Series Windows 
  • Tyvek House Wrap
  • Programmable Thermostat
  • Neopod Smart Lighting System


These are just a few of the features of our homes, and more reasons why new construction homes are worth more than resale homes.


Seeing is really believing. Visit our website to browse Infinity Custom Homes communities and available homes in Greater Pittsburgh. You owe it to yourself to learn the pros and cons of buying a new home before you make this big decision. We’re here to answer your questions and personally guide you through the process of buying a new construction home.

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