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Holiday Entertaining is Easy in an Infinity Custom Kitchen

Holiday Entertaining is Easy in an Infinity Custom Kitchen

The holiday season is here, which means it’s time to plan warm, fun-filled celebrations with those you love most. Whether that means a full-course holiday dinner, impromptu get-togethers, or cocktails and hors d’oeuvres with friends, your home — and your kitchen — will become the epicenter of your holiday festivities. 


The next time it’s your turn to host, make it easier on yourself by entertaining in style in a brand new, gourmet kitchen that’s fit for a chef. Not only are Infinity Custom Homes’ kitchens beautiful, they are also highly efficient work centers, designed to be used — a lot! Here are a few of our favorite kitchen features that you can take advantage of for the next holiday season:


Large Kitchen Islands: Perfect for serving large platters of holiday treats, or just for cozy breakfasts of leftover cakes and pies, a kitchen island has a million uses for the modern family. Encourage your family and friends to have a seat at the island to keep you company while you cook, and they might be inspired to lend a helping hand.


Lots of Storage: From generous cabinet space to your walk-in pantry, there’s a place for every dish and utensil, plus space for your holiday-themed ones, too! Lots of storage in the kitchen means a less cluttered countertop, so that you can move around quickly and easily to get things done!


New Appliances: Not chef status? That’s ok. With our modern appliances that have a setting for everything, you’ll still be able to whip up impressive dishes. And if you leave something on the stove or in the oven for too long, your appliance will tell you!


Unique Tile Backsplash: Our unique backsplashes are just as functional (they wipe off in seconds!) as they are beautiful to look at. Choose from a variety of tile shapes, colors, and patterns to add a wow factor to your kitchen design.



Great Lighting: Whether it’s task lighting like pendants and under-cabinet lighting for chopping and decorating, or lots of natural light to brighten up the space, these kitchens have it all. 


Open-Concept Design: Never again feel like you are “stuck cooking” while the party goes on around you. In an open-concept kitchen and living space, the person cooking is always the center of attention. When everyone can be together in the same space, the memories are that much sweeter.


If you’d like to enjoy a beautiful new kitchen next holiday season, browse our floorplans and communities throughout Pittsburgh, and let’s get started building yours today!