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Tips For Staging a Home To Sell

  • June 30, 2021
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Tips For Staging a Home To Sell

In case you haven’t heard: Now is a great time to buy a new Infinity home. But before you can make your move, you have one big to-do on your list: sell your current home.


This is where staging comes in. Effective staging isn’t just for show; it’s a proven way to increase interest in your home and maximize its sales price. So take the time to stage each room to best show off its assets.

stage your home to sell


Take a look at a few of our favorite tips and tricks when it comes to the art of staging.


Declutter: First and foremost, it’s crucial to go through every single room to clean up the “clutter zones” (old keepsakes, outdated decor, and things you keep meaning to throw away). Pack up or discard the clutter to make the space feel open and inviting. This also makes moving much easier!


Keep It Simple: De-personalize each room so a buyer can envision making it their very own. This may feel strange in a place that holds so much warmth and comfort, but you can rest assured that the next homeowners will continue what you’ve started.


Clean Everything: Shower doors, tubs, and tile walls should gleam. The kitchen must be spotless. Closets, drawers, and cabinets should be organized and neat. Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and woodwork. Every room must be pristine.


Make Quick Fixes: Look for “quick fixes,” small cosmetic changes that make a big impact. These could include removing old rugs to show off the hardwood floors, taking down the curtains, changing lampshades, etc. Remember, even the littlest adjustments go a long way.


Edit Your Furniture: When it comes to the furniture, it’s essential to see your home through a buyer’s eyes. Keep color, style, and function in mind so you can make the most confident and informed choice. Then, make a final decision on what should stay and what should go.


Stand Out: Make your home appear unique with just a few fun touch-ups. Change the color of your front door to something like red or robin’s egg. Hang multiple mirrors on the walls to create a wide open feel. Paint the walls with trending grays or off-whites to evoke calm and happiness.


A buyer’s first impression could make or break a deal, so it’s important to stage your home the right way. When you understand where the eye goes first, as well as what’s pleasant and positive, and what needs a change, you can make the best adjustments to not only impress buyers, but win them over and start your move.

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