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Choose Your Favorite Fireplace Option

Choose Your Favorite Fireplace Option

Your great room is where you’ll gather with your family after a long day, enjoy the company of friends and guests, and stay up late laughing together over a movie. With a beautiful fireplace at the heart of this family-focused room, those special moments are accompanied by an extra touch of comfort and warmth.


At Infinity Custom Homes, we’ve always believed in the power of a great fireplace… because nothing feels more like home than gathering around and enjoying quality time together. When you choose to build with us, the unique details of your home are entirely up to you — and we’re excited to introduce you to the options you have for your fireplace!


Stone: Whether rustic or modern, our different stone options add a stylish, nature-inspired touch to your space. You can choose stone to ceiling for a more dramatic look, or stone surround for that old-fashioned combination you know and love.

Stone Fireplace


Brick: Classic, comforting, and familiar, a brick fireplace will never go out of style, especially in a large great room that’s prime for gathering. You can choose brick to ceiling or brick surround, depending on the unique vibe you want your room to embody.

Brick Fireplace


Stucco: Prominent in both Spanish and Mediterranean architecture, stucco gained popularity in the U.S. in the early 20th century, and we love the understated elegance it gives off — especially around a fireplace. You can choose stucco to ceiling for your great room.

Stucco Fireplace


Black Metal: Arguably the most chic design color of all, black is so much fun to incorporate into your living space. If you like the dark charm of black, you’ll love our black metal options; each one designed to make your fireplace the focal point of the room.



Slate Surround: A fireplace is a timeless piece of home decor, so why not pair it with something super modern and sleek? Our slate surround creates the perfect balance between “old and new,” and is so much fun to match with room accessories.

Slate Fireplace


Granite or Quartz: Nothing draws the eye (and sets the tone) like granite or quartz. Whether you choose to expand one of these to the ceiling or incorporate it as a surround, you can be sure that your fireplace will be just as aesthetically pleasing as it is cozy.

Quartz/Granite Fireplace


If you’re ready to personalize a brand new home for you and your family, all of us at Infinity Custom Homes can’t wait to meet you and get started! For more information, please contact us at 888-424-9424.

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