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Kitchen Design Trends For 2021

Kitchen Design Trends For 2021

The first sip of morning coffee. The liveliness of a holiday gathering. The unforgettable post-dinner conversation. Some of the best things in life happen in the heart of your home — which is why we build our kitchens with high-end features and open, airy space that beckon all of the good stuff into your daily routine.


One of the many advantages of building a new home with us is choosing your desired selections in our Inspirations Design Gallery — and of course, nothing is more fun than bringing your dream kitchen to life! Take a look at the features that come included, along with a few of our favorite design trends to inspire your vision.


Our Included Kitchen Features

Open Space: Whether you’re enjoying a cozy, quiet breakfast or celebrating an occasion with family and friends, you have all the space you need to spread out and savor the moment.

Kitchen Design Trends

Large Island: An extra large island adds extra large character to your kitchen, and provides something that’s just as chic and stylish as it is functional. With room for seating, cue the comfort (and glass-clinking).

Beautiful Lighting: Whether you’re checking out a new cookbook or plating dinner, you need optimal lighting to guide the way. Our beautiful lighting adds that warm glow you love in the most special room of your home.

Beautiful Lighting

New Appliances and Flooring: With pristine flooring and all-new appliances that work perfectly, you’ll enjoy cooking and relaxing in your kitchen more than ever before.

Elegant Cabinetry: Aesthetically pleasing and useful all at once, the cabinetry in your kitchen provides the ample storage you need and the modern style you love.


Kitchen Design Trends For 2021

Black and Gold: Nothing will ever be the “new black,” but a little gold takes this color to a new level. Pair a black island with gold chairs, or choose lighting fixtures with hints of gold to complement black cabinets.

Black and Gold

Wood Island: Now more than ever, comfort and warmth are valued in interior design. That’s why we love a rustic wood island — it not only stands out, but adds a modern yet home-y touch to your kitchen.

Wood Island

Two-Tone Cabinets: Whether you enjoy the coziness of colors like white and blue, or the sleek contrast of white and black, it’s so much fun to decide on two-tone cabinets that reflect your style and personality.

Bold Backsplash: Nothing catches the eye quite like a backsplash. From clean white in a linear pattern to contemporary, stylish brick, see what you’re drawn to the most.

Open Shelves: Now more than ever, “openness” is in! Modern and chic, open shelves in your kitchen are a great way to put your personality on display.

Open Shelves

So much time is spent in your kitchen… why not turn it into a focal point of style? If you’re eager to design (and enjoy!) a brand new kitchen this year, all of us at Infinity Custom Homes can’t wait to get started. For more information about customizing a new home in Pittsburgh, please contact us at 888-424-9424.

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