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Summer Staycation in Your Infinity Custom Home

  • July 29, 2020
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Summer Staycation in Your Infinity Custom Home

Forget faraway summer vacations — this season is all about staying home! In your brand new, custom home in Pittsburgh, designed with high-end features and stylish, open space, you don’t have to endure long hours of travel or break your wallet to experience the luxury and freedom of vacation. 


From gourmet dinner and breakfast in bed to spa treatments and cocktail hour, all that you need to feel relaxed and pampered is right at your fingertips. Take a look at a few of our favorite ways to enjoy a summer staycation from the comfort of your fresh, clean Infinity Custom home: 


Dinner date. With gourmet appliances in your spacious kitchen, treating yourself to an upscale meal is so much fun. Relax with a glass of your favorite wine while you try out that new recipe that caught your eye.


H2O happy: Light and crisp, there’s nothing that refreshing spa water can’t fix. Try making this spiralized cucumber spa water with mint and lemon, and enjoy it from the peace and privacy of your beautiful home. 


Get scent-imental: In your spacious family room, dim the overhead lights, ignite a soothing candle scent, and simply relax with a good book or yoga. Lavender, citrus, and peppermint are known for their calming effects. 


Breakfast in bed. Start your morning with a little extra love. Enjoy eggs, bagels, and coffee from the comfort of your cozy sheets with the help of a bed tray table. Share the fun with your partner… or simply pamper yourself!


Cocktail hour. Bring the fun of your favorite bar to the comfort of your sunroom or deck/patio with homemade cocktails (be your own bartender at your kitchen island)! Set the mood with music and cheers.




Movie magic. Who says you can’t experience the joy of a movie theater at home? Whether with friends or by yourself, get comfortable with classic movie-theater candy and popcorn and hit the lights!


The great outdoors. Head outside to your deck/patio and sunbathe in style. Lay out your most luxurious towel, relax with a frozen drink, and take in the scenic views ahead. Pro tip: add dinner al fresco to the itinerary.


Spa day. You don’t have to leave home to get the royal treatment. In your spacious master bathroom, welcome luxury with a hot bath, steamy shower, face mask, aromatherapy, manicure and pedicure… you name it.


Built for comfort and flexibility, there’s no better place to enjoy your free time than your custom home in Pittsburgh. This summer, kick back and indulge in a little staycation! No matter what you love, you have all the open, airy room and high-end features you need to experience true luxury. No travel and costs necessary. 


For more information about building a custom home in Pittsburgh, contact us at 888-424-9424.

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