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How Our Homes Save Energy During the Winter Months

How Our Homes Save Energy During the Winter Months

Wintertime is all about the cozy moments — get-togethers with friends, the sight of twinkling lights, curling up by the fire, and of course, spending time with family. This year, you want to experience it all in a home that’s created for ultimate comfort. After all, there’s no gift like a home that keeps your family cozy…


At Infinity Custom Homes, we know how important energy-efficient features are, especially in the winter. They not only save you money while being kind to the environment, they ensure that those special wintertime memories you make in your home are enjoyable in every way. 


Energy-Efficient Features


Before you buy a home, you’ll most likely wonder whether or not it will perform the way you want and need it too. With us, this question is never a concern; it’s our promise that your new Infinity Custom home will be built to the highest standards so that it can provide you with nothing but the absolute best.


To ensure optimal energy efficiency, we have a third-party energy rater review, inspect, and perform blower door tests on all of our homes. We incorporate energy-efficient LED light bulbs in most applications, along with higher-efficiency furnaces and A/C, and energy-efficient appliances, and use R-21 insulation and spray foaming in key areas of leakage to create a contemporary, cozy environment that’s built to last for you and your family.


When you feel great in your home, that peace of mind and confidence extends to all areas of your life. After all, home should be the safest and most comfortable place in the world, which is why Infinity Custom Homes takes your health and happiness seriously. By creating a healthier and more efficient indoor environment, our homes guarantee that you and your family get to live your best lives. 


If you’re ready to settle into an energy-efficient home that fits you and your preferences perfectly, all of us at Infinity Custom Homes are right behind you. For more information on our new homes and communities throughout Pittsburgh, please call 1-888-773-0742. We can’t wait to help you find your dream home!

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