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Fall Out of Love With Your Old Home

Fall Out of Love With Your Old Home

When one (front) door closes, another one opens… After all, there’s nothing more freeing than saying goodbye to the things that don’t make you entirely happy! Forget about tear-stained pillowcases and pints of ice cream — “breaking up” with your old home is one of the most exciting things you’ll do.


Are you ready for a modern home that actually matches your unique preferences? A space that’s on the same page as you are, and empowers you to be your best self? An Infinity Custom home in one of Pittsburgh’s best neighborhoods is where your happiest days are bound to unfold. Get ready for butterflies, weak knees, and a whole lot of love songs… an old home may be good for a “fling,” but a new home is forever.


Home Systems


  • Used: Old, antiquated systems that require repairs, and cause code concerns and maintenance issues
  • New: New plumbing, electric, heating, and cooling systems that run efficiently and prevent maintenance and replacements that can cost thousands


Floor Plan


  • Used: A layout that’s completely out of your hands (and not in sync with your lifestyle)
  • New: An innovative, contemporary floor plan chosen and customized by you to fit your specific needs for number and location of rooms, overall space, and more


Style and Design


  • Used: Design choices that reflect another homeowner from another time
  • New: Brand new systems and beautiful finishes that reflect your personal style, so you don’t have to spend thousands making design changes and additions down the road


Warranty Program


  • Used: Depending on its age, the home and everything in it are likely past warranty coverage, so no warranties mean large repair bills
  • New: Invaluable peace of mind for the next year and beyond (no more absurd repair costs)


Energy Efficiency


  • Used: Missing many, if not most of the energy-efficient features that you’re looking for today
  • New: Built with energy-wise construction that respects the environment, decreases your utility bills, and keeps you and your family comfortable year-round


The Area


  • Used: An unfamiliar location, lot, or community that you didn’t necessarily want or choose
  • New: A warm, family-friendly location complete with the contemporary amenities you love, near everything that you need

Whether you’re single or taken, this year’s Valentine’s Day is not about your life’s greatest love — it’s about your life’s greatest home. As the holiday gets closer, think about treating yourself to the most extraordinary gift of all! You deserve a new home that not only saves you money, but provides you with everything you need to live your happiest life. At Infinity Custom Homes, we say out with old, in with the new. Here’s to 2020!

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