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[News] Why Building New is Best

[News] Why Building New is Best

Why Building a New Home is the Best Option

You may be asking yourself, “Should I buy a resale home or start fresh by building a new one?” There are pros and cons to both, but in the long run building a custom home is often a better option. At Infinity Custom Homes we are here to help you make the best decision, and we will guide you through every step of the building process. Here are some reasons why you should consider building a new home with Infinity Custom Homes:

Cost Efficiency

Throughout your building process you will be working with professional builders who will help you stay within your budget and show you ways to save in the long run. You will not have to be concerned with any hidden fees, since you will sit down and discuss one-on-one with a Selections Coordinator all the assets going into the house and the overall price of each. You get to build only what you need and want. When you build a new home you get to choose exactly what your priorities are, and can eliminate any features that you don’t want, which will help you save money.

 Minimal Maintenance

Another bonus of building a new house is that it will be move-in-ready to your liking, with very little maintenance. Everything in your new house will be well-built and updated so you should not experience any maintenance problems. If you decided to buy a resale home, you may encounter an initial lower cost. However, in the long run you will likely face more maintenance issues, repairs, and improvements, which will add up over time.

Personal Style

            At Infinity Custom Homes you will be able to select a floor plan that is best for you. After you choose the floor plan, you will be able to customize and design every living space in the house the way you want it. Building a new home will allow you to create something unique that matches your personality and lifestyle. Another benefit of building a home to fit your style is that you can prepare better for the future. Sitting down with our experienced staff makes it easier to asses what you have in your current home that you’d like to keep, and then what you might require in your home in the future. This step-by-step process will help our team bring your exact vision to life, and give you everything you need in your dream home.


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