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[Tips] 10 Tips & Tricks for Having the Cleanest Home on the Block

[Tips] 10 Tips & Tricks for Having the Cleanest Home on the Block

So it might almost be summer already, but if you’re just getting around to your spring cleaning now, here are a few ways to make it look like you’ve been this neat and tidy through ALL the seasons!


1. For the Shiniest Stove Grates…

Seal them in a plastic bag with just a touch of ammonia over night, and let the magic happen! But DO NOT mix ammonia with any other type of cleaner!!!


2. For a Sparkling Sink…

Clean it regularly, just like you would your dishes, with hot water and dish soap. For extra sparkle, use a light dusting of flour and a microfiber cloth to get those tough bits left behind. Make sure to rinse with hot water!


3. For the Freshest Fridge…

Hang a some activated charcoal in a fabric sachet inside of your refrigerator. It will soak up an unwanted odors. Find one here.


4. For a Meticulous Microwave…

Steam clean using a bowl of water filled with sliced lemons. Set the timer to 5 minutes, and once it’s done, leave the door closed for 5 more minutes. Not only will your microwave have a lemony-fresh scent, but any tough stains will wipe off easily with a cloth!


5. For (Literally) Stainless Steel…

clean fridge

Use a coat of Pledge! Yes, it’s THAT easy, and an under-$5 fix for those smears and smudges that plague our beautiful appliances. For larger appliances (fridges, ovens, etc.) make sure to place some kind over covering on the floor so you don’t slip, and then spray away! Allow the Pledge to soak in for a few minutes, before you remove with an old towel or shirt. The same goes for the smaller pieces, but it may be easier to spray the Pledge onto a cloth first, for increased precision.


6. For a Shaped-Up Shower Curtain Liner..

Throw it into the wash with some towels and bath mats! To be clear, the curtain itself should be washed separately and according to the directions on it’s tag, but the liner can be tossed in with other items. Nothing like killing two birds with one stone, while also eliminating one of the grossest and most visually-unappealing sights to see in a bathroom–a moldy shower liner. YUCK!


7. For a Timeless Toilet…

clean toilet

Rub away the most impossible stains with a pumice stone. It will help remove anything from lime, to calcium and even rust! While your at it, soak the bowl in some vinegar overnight to remove hard water build-up.


8. For Fabulous Faucets…

Vinegar AGAIN! What can’t it do? Wrap the faucet and other hardware in vinegar-soaked paper towels for an unparalleled removal of stains and build-ups.


9. For FAN-tastic (Heh) Fan Blades…

clean fan blades

Do your dusting with an old pillowcase. This way, you’ll collect all the dust from the top and bottom inside of one contained vessel! No more dust storms when you switch that baby on for the first dire summer cool-off!


10. For a Hairless House…

Use a squeegee and a spray bottle full of water to get stubborn pet hair out of pretty much any surface!

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