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[Tips] Selection Spotlight: Tips for Your First Design Appointment

[Tips] Selection Spotlight: Tips for Your First Design Appointment

Congratulations!! You’ve officially signed for the purchase of your brand new Infinity Custom Home. So… what comes next? You guessed correctly! Time to start selecting each unique piece of your home from tile to trim. Luckily, there is no need to feel overwhelmed. You are assigned a very talented and dedicated Selection Coordinator to walk you through the process. If you’re still feeling a little nervous, fear not. One of our very own Selection Coordinators, Marcy, has given us some great advice to share with you on how to prepare for your first design appointments–making the whole process enjoyable and stress-free for everyone!

First Steps

Marcy’s first tip is to follow the guidelines that you will receive in your intro-to-selections email, and check out MY HOME. MY HOME is our online design center and a great place to input potential selections prior to your first meeting. Marcy also recommends taking a few moments to think about your exterior color scheme before you even sit for your first appointment. The first design meeting you have will be focused on the exterior of your home, so consider all the different options available to you and come up with a few different combinations of siding, stone, brick, front doors, shingles, etc. You can even take a field trip through your new community to see what the other homes around you will look like. That will give you some inspiration, as well as ensure that your home has its own personal charm. Always feel free to stop by at our Inspirations Design Gallery to refresh on all the different choices available to you. It can be very helpful to physically see the samples in person.exterior selections design gallery


While that hashtag was mostly just me being cute, it’s seriously worth checking out. You will save so much time and indecision by logging onto Pinterest or scrolling through Instagram to find out what you love and what you may not like! Marcy recommends figuring out your cabinetry/countertop color scheme early on, because that will dictate a lot of other features added into your kitchen design as you move forward.

Don’t forget that MY HOME is a great place to organize your thoughts when it comes to fixtures, hardware and more!

Tour the Models…Again!

Chances are you spent a fair amount of time in one or ALL of our models during the decision-making process when you were deciding whether or not to build. You’re in luck, because they’re all open 7 days a week and somehow never lose their charm! πŸ˜‰ Don’t hesitate to pop by any time to check out the distinct styles and finishes within each one. We are always happy to have visitors and see familiar faces as you progress through the selection process.

“Sweat” the Small Stuff

I know that’s not what they usually tell you, but some things are really all in the details! Don’t forget to think about where you might like extra outlets, shelving, lighting or other things of that nature. It’s always good to make a list beforehand, so there’s nothing to worry about later on.

Photo Evidence

Aside from looking through images independently, don’t be afraid to bring in examples of what you like! Our team is here to help you craft your dream home–a mission we take very seriously. If you see something you absolutely love, we’d be so delighted to help create that vision for you in your own home.


This is truly the most important step. Marcy, along with the rest of the Selection Team, is so passionate about her job. Our whole team feels excited and happy when YOU are. So sit back, relax, and start selecting!


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