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[Tips] 10 Smart Ways to Save on Utility Bills

[Tips] 10 Smart Ways to Save on Utility Bills

Looking for simple solutions to lower your water, gas and electricity bills? You’ve come to the right place!

In the Kitchensave utilities kitchen

Dust Off Refrigerator Coils

Making sure these get a little love every so often will allow your fridge to function on less power, and it will keep your food colder!

Fill the Dishwasher to the Brim

Maximize the washer’s efficiency by waiting to run it until it’s absolutely full. Your dishwasher will use the same amount of water no matter the number of dishes inside, so it will be most efficient to clean as many as possible at once.

In the Bathroomkitchen save utilities

Put an Aerator on Your Faucets

These are easy to to apply and can actually save a lot of water waste! Look for some that will run between 1/2-1 gallon per minute for a bathroom faucet, but be sure to find some that fit your make and model!

In the Laundry Room

Use a Clean, Dry Bath Towel to Dry Loads Quicker

Throw in a clean, dry bath towel with whatever you are drying, and it will absorb a lot of water from the wet clothes after about 15 minutes. They will finish drying much faster, and save your dryer some work!

Clean Out Dryer Vents & Lint Screens

Removing lint is a great way to save some money AND eliminate a very common fire hazard. Use can use any sort of small suction tool to clean the area in which the lint screen sits, and a drain snake to clean out the larger vent. This will reduce energy waster and lower the amount of electricity used by the dryer.

Whole Home

living room save utlilities

Switch to LED Bulbs

If you currently use CFLs or incandescents, switch to LEF long-lasting, efficient, equally affordable, and bright lights! They last almost twice as long as their CFL counterparts, and the cost savings isn’t too shabby, either!

Adjust Thermostats Seasonally

Just adjusting by a couple degrees cooler in the winter and a couple warmer in the summer will not make a noticeable difference in the comfort-level of the house, but it can make an almost 3% difference in your bills! If you don’t want to have to remember to do it, investing in programmable smart-thermometer is another great option.

Get a Rain Barrel

If you’re someone who loves to garden, has a bird bath, or any sort of water feature, this is a great way to use natural resources!

Turn Off Power Strips

Literally almost every appliance and their respective chargers still leach a small amount of power from the outlet, even when they are off or not in use. If you have several of these devices, that can really add up! A good solution is to plug your chargers, TVs, etc. into a power strip, and simply turn it off when you leave the house. This will cut the power supply and save you tons of wasted energy.

Use Blackout Curtains in the Summer

If you’re lucky enough to have windows that already help with climate control, you may not need this tip. However, if you have large, single-pane windows that let in a TON of light AND heat, investing in some blackout (or even just thick) curtains will keep the room temp down, and your AC and fans won’t be working so hard.



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