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[News] Ready to Relocate? Part 2: Settling In

[News] Ready to Relocate? Part 2: Settling In

If you read our first post on the first steps of relocating, this will be a good follow-up for getting the basics on adjusting to your new home and community! Once you’ve found your desired neighborhood and maybe even your dream home, it is overwhelming to think that there is more work to be done. Let us help with a few tips and tricks to make those first few weeks a breeze!

Settling In Stress-Free

Okay, maybe “stress-free” is an unrealistic goal… but there are ways to calm the chaos.

1. Keep it Simple

It’s so easy to get lost in a sea of bags and boxes when you’re packing up, and then the aftermath of unpacking becomes a nightmare. Moving is a GREAT opportunity to ask yourself “Do we really need this?” When it comes to household goods, a good rule of thumb is to leave behind anything that you haven’t used in over a year or two. For decorations and things of sentimental value, follow the old saying and bring with you what will make your new house feel like home. Things that bring feelings of comfort and familiarity will never feel like clutter. But anything that just occupies space probably isn’t essential. For clothing, organization experts say a non-seasonal piece that hasn’t been worn in over 6 months is something that should go! When you know what will stay and what will go, Habitat for Humanity is great place to donate household items that you cannot take with you. For clothing, there are tons of local charities that serve various groups–just take your pick and support a great cause while simultaneously getting a fresh start!

2. One Step at a Time

The physical aspect of packing is just as important as deciding what to take along with you. Packing might seem as simple as putting things into bins and boxes, but there are strategic ways to go about this to make life so much easier. First of all, label EVERYTHING. You really cannot ever have too many labels, lists and categories specifying what each box contains and in which room it should go. This should help with the next step, which is unpacking one room at a time and one box at a time. This method may be mostly psychological, so you don’t lose it seeing stuff scattered all over the place. But it will help you set up your spaces exactly the way you want them, and give you as sense of accomplishment seeing a whole room in its completed state!

3. The Power of Takeout

Chances are you’re going to be too swamped/tired to cook on your first couple nights in your new home. Do a little research on or another site to see who can deliver food near you. If you prefer to cook, a lot of grocery stores have personal shoppers and delivery systems in place that will save you some time and energy!

Remember: not everything has to get done all at once. Take little breaks here and there and enjoy the fact that you are beginning a new chapter. Check back soon to hear more about the relocation process, and great ways to meet friends and neighbors in your new community! If you have specific questions about the process, contact Jodie, our relocation expert at (888) 424-9424

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